Ben's day started bright and early, meeting the team at the depot to load the van and begin work. The Grounds Maintenance team work rain or shine, and luckily for Ben the weather held out and he was able to get involved in key areas of the team’s day-to-day activities, utilising equipment such as the pedestrian mower. His jobs also included grass cutting, blowing, sweeping, litter picking, loading and unloading.

The feedback from the team has been fantastic, they enjoyed the opportunity to engage with a member of the Robertson Facilities Management Board in an informal setting.

Ben also found the experience to be positive: “This type of session is imperative in helping us to deliver better-than-ever results. It is important to recognise the hard work and dedication of our teams. They play a significant role in setting and managing the scene for and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

The services provided by the grounds maintenance team ensure that our clients have well maintained green spaces which can be enjoyed by everyone and in turn, this has a positive impact on our clients health, productivity and well-being.

– Ben Smith, Development Director, Robertson Facilities Management


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