Alex returned to Fusion Hive, which is a hub for technology companies in Stockton. She had previously worked on the site and joined Carly Welch, Reception Supervisor, for the day.

The Reception Supervisor is the key point of contact for the building. It is a varied role with no two days the same. Responsibilities include meeting and greeting, tenant queries, fire alarm checks, finance and hospitality services, and fostering the sense of community amongst the small businesses tenanted there.

During the session, there was a networking event taking place, and Alex assisted with catering and hospitality requirements including meeting room set-up and organising lunch and refreshments.

I got to see first-hand how we are helping to contribute to positive customer experiences. Carly has an excellent relationship with all tenants and an extensive knowledge the day-to-day operations of the building. My Back to the Floor day has helped to build an in-depth understanding of how we are delivering our services and exceeding client expectations.

– Alex Wells, Bid Communications Manager, Robertson Facilities Management

Read more about how our Back to the Floor initiative is helping us enable positive experiences.


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